Enigma Comix and Afrocomix

Between Enigma Comix Africa’s growing success and the recent relaunch of one of our most popular titles Black Zeus as Webtoon. The comic house is looking for avenues to monetize the series which is available for free unlike the staple of their print and digital content.

The series itself is a sci-fi fantasy that garnered a massive following for it’s uniqueness while still having the authentic feel of a locally written story. Originally created by Bill Masuku, with script by Prince Ndarama and the art by Dan Muwanigwa with a measly two page preview in Comexposed’s Comic UP, the creative team managed to deliver an interesting look into a potential gold mine of a story.

The move to have it on the Webtoons platform was a calculated pivot answering a need for accessibility and costs. On one had the call for African sci-fi has never been greater than it is now, the immediate problem comes on where and how to get it. On the other hand with different payment systems that are usually country bound it is a near gargantuan task to find a communal way of sending-receiving money without costs that exceed the value of the purchase.

So the big question is, now that the series is free. How does Enigma Comix generate funds from this project? The answer may lay in the Afrocomix app created by Leti Arts. Aside from comics and animation, the Ghanaian based platform for digital arts has an avenue for digital merchandise. This methodology would promote the series on a “Freemium” model spoken about here: Business Models.

With only two episode out on the new Black Z.E.U.S. storyline, we already have a glimpse at the scale of the story and teasing the number of fantastical characters yet to come tucked into a thrilling story. Creating an amazing opportunity to produce all sorts of amazing digital assets for enthusiasts of the series to enjoy.