Solicitations for 2019

Look out for these titles in the coming year fresh from Enigma Comix Africa!

Razor-Man #11

Artist / Cover: Bill Masuku

January / 16 pages / BW / TEEN / $2.99

The series continues after the introduction of the Drowned Widow, Razor-Man’s mother and a member of the Thirteen. the group he has been clashing with since the beginning of the series. The issue revisits the past, on the last day these two saw each other and why she has been absent until now.

Captain South Africa #3

Artist / Cover: Bill Masuku

April / 20 pages / FC / TEEN / $2.99

CAPTAIN SOUTH AFRICA HAS AN ALL NEW HERO WEARING THE STRIPES! Making his regional debut, writer and artist BILL MASUKU crafts an African superhero world unlike anything seen before. Making headlines in international news, the book introduces us to a world returning to superheroism in a modern day South Africa. The cover teases a new character, MAJOR MZANSI and leads into the narrative of sponsored social media celebrity super humans. Monikers and code names have been replaced by social media handles on the increasingly popular Blurb platform of the world. This is an excellent jumping in point for new readers of CAPTAIN SOUTH AFRICA it’s social commentary, the powers and the art which promises to get more vibrant with each issue.

Razor-Man #12

Artist / Cover: Bill Masuku

April / 16 pages / BW / TEEN / $2.99

The final issue in the BLOOD & SHADOW arc, after uncovering his past and a near fatal clash with the THE MESSENGER, Lovemore returns to the garage and reflects on where to go from now. In the comfort of his home, he and Simba finally have their sit down talk.

Razor-Man #13

Artist / Cover: Bill Masuku

June / 16 pages / BW / TEEN / $2.99

The GUN & BADGE arc kicks off with all the on goings of Harare while Razor-Man was battling against the Messenger. Former police officer RHUMBI finally makes her move against the cruel underbelly of the city.

Captain South Africa #4

Artist / Cover: Bill Masuku

September / 20 pages / FC / TEEN / $2.99

Vungani and Tsholofelo have incited a riot at Canal Walk Mall! Will words from the new Captain South Africa be enough to stop them?