#WEMAJOR #CaptainSouthAfrica

Captain South Africa PART 1 is a collection of the first 3 issues of the series that launches at Comic Con Africa in Johannesburg, September 21 – 24. It is available now!


Gear up with your own stripes and embody what it means to be a superhero. Look the part, feel the part and act the part. We will be rolling out apparel that is a fusion of traditional, concept and superhero.



  • CAPTAIN SOUTH AFRICA PART 2  (issues 4-6)
  • CAPTAIN SOUTH AFRICA PART 3 (issues 7-9)

Zimbabwe’s #1 comic book hero Razor-Man!

You can almost never talk about comic books in Zimbabwe without mentioning Razor-Man. The masked vigilante speaks to the need for new stories painted with African hands.