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Razor-Man issue 10 - DIGITAL

Synopsis: “An impatient Razor-Man takes an opportunity to ask his enemy a burning question, the results are fatal” Pre-Order your digital copy of Razor-Man issue 10 now!
$3.00 $1.00

Razor-Man volume 1 -DIGITAL

A Zimbabwean vigilante superhero. Striking at the deep and seedy underground crime world that has infested the city. Razor-Man volume 1 includes issues 1 - 6, covering the origin story of the character. Synopsis: "Lovemore Garwe returns home from university suddenly after hearing about the mysterious passing of his father. The police have no leads or evidence of foul play, that is when Lovemore decides to dawn the mantle of Razor-Man to dig into the city's dark under belly to discover something more sinister at play."
$18.00 $10.00