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Captain South Africa issue 3 - DIGITAL

Synopsis: “Two years prior to the arrival of the new Captain South Africa a high school boy who goes by the social media moniker @MJR_MZANSI has a near death encounter that grants him abilities to take his social media fame to new heights!” Pre-Order your digital copy of Captain South Africa #3 now!

Razor-Man Volume 1 DIGITAL

A 100 page black and white collected bundle of Razor-Man issues 1 - 6 with bonus character profiles exclusive to this edition.
€9.00 €5.40

Captain South Africa Part 1 DIGITAL

Captain South Africa PART 1 is a collection of the first 3 issues of the series that launches at Comic Con Africa in Johannesburg, September 21 – 24. It is available for pre-order now!
Bill Masuku is fast becoming one of the most well-known comic artists in Zimbabwe. Written by Sian Ferguson.
On the Shelves -Thursday, August 2, 2018
The National Art Gallery book shop has become the first home of Razor-Man in print. This being the first step of many hopefully as the comic book industry in the country starts to take form and create household brands.
The Kugali Anthology -Thursday, August 2, 2018
Razor-Man landed an opportunity to be sold along with some of the top talents of comic book creators in Africa. The anthology itself ran a more than successful kickstarter earlier in 2018, and is almost ready to be shipped off to all the backers of the project.