The Messenger

The shadows have never been as brilliant as when The Messenger began his flawless assassinations. He understands loss, and is prepared to do anything to never feel that again.

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The Messenger is the first rufemo user we meet in the series. His link to multiple powerful groups in this world should not be underestimated. He has an air of pride about him that respects traditions, authority and culture. Unlike the other masked characters in the series so far he chooses to dress for the job, rather adapt to civilian clothes – this stubbornness shows in more than a few ways. His original cause of death occured during a devastating famine resulting in his starvation.





Fun Facts

First Appearance:                   RAZOR-MAN #3 (2016)
Real Name:                              ???
Alignment:                               Whichever group has the most power to further his goals
Powers:                                     Rufemo with a “Starvation” Gangautare

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