Educated and angry, two tools that are essential if you wish to fight any kind of injustice in the world. And Razor-Man has anger in spades.

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Lovemore Garwe returns home from university suddenly after hearing about the mysterious passing of his father. The police have no leads or evidence of foul play, that is when Lovemore decides to dawn the mantle of Razor-Man to dig into the city’s dark under belly to discover something more sinister at play. Despite being a fairly logical person, planning encounters in advance and being able to build up his own resources. Lovemore will often lose to his anger and short temperedness, leading him to make fatal and near fatal mistakes.


Fun Facts

First Appearance:                   RAZOR-MAN #1 (2016)
Real Name:                               Lovemore Garwe
Alignment:                                Greater Good
Powers:                                      Rufemo

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