Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. There is no greater ally than one whose enemies are shared with yours.

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Mambo is the current leader of the Vakuru, a group of resurrected warriors clad in masks with a duty to protect the treasures of the nation. Mambo being the moniker given to chiefs/leaders in Zimbabwean Shona culture, he wears the title casually yet abides to the group’s mantra of not interfering with the countries politics and laws. He is both an educator and master of rufemo, while still being secretive. His cause of death was by being mauled to death by several dogs. Despite having died long ago, he likes to keep up to date with the times and will attempt to have a more modern persona.





Fun Facts

First Appearance:                   RAZOR-MAN #5 (2017)
Real Name:                              ???
Alignment:                               Vakuru
Powers:                                     Rufemo with a “Hounds” Gangautare

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