Asset 44

The bridge between heaven and earth just got smaller.

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Africa is a fertile land to invest in. Foreign nations can develop radical technology and weapons where here where the red tape doesn’t reach. Under the ruins of Great Zimbabwe, an operation know as the Black Zimbabwean Extra-normal Underground Suppression (Black Z.E.U.S.) just created their first artificial god. The 44th attempt to do so has become the largest asset to this known reality. With the soul of a child locked inside the flesh of a monster from folklore he will struggles to find out what the word “morality” means.


Fun Facts

First Appearance:                    COMIC UP VOL#1 (2015) – published by Comexposed
Other Name:                             Black Zeus
Alignment:                                It’s complicated
Powers:                                      anomalous field creation, electric control, lightning generation, transloction via lightning/electricity, knowledge of Thoth, accelerated regeneration, flight, super strength, increased stamina, increased vitality, can commune with nature.