Captain South Africa

Charity without conscience is ostentation. Heroism without humility is totalitarianism. Being a superhero is no different, there must be a balance between being super and being human.

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Three years after the disappearance of the original Captain South Africa, a new superhero arrives to dawn the stripes and mantle. In the midst of a turbulent political climate in South Africa, where will this modern day superhero take us. She understands something about being a superhero that is bigger than herself, she doesn’t plan to save the day, she plans to save the country. Studying journalism, politics and law at Good Hope University in Cape Town she wants to take a different approach to solving crimes in the country.


Fun Facts

First Appearance:                   CAPTAIN SOUTH AFRICA #1 (2018)
Real Name:                               ???
Alignment:                                Greater Good
Powers:                                      Adrenaline Factor